Alarmify was a music alarm clock (for iPhone) that let you wake up to your favorite songs through Spotify. It was a collaboration between me and two fellow students at Hyper Island. I took care of design & branding, and they did the amazing development. This was our first foray into apps and we received great response from social media and tech blogs.

Users could trigger a nightstand mode by changing the orientation of the phone to landscape.

Single focus

We all agreed that the app would be limited in features and only focus on its core task; choose song and time to wake up. Any extra features outside of this scope had to be non-obtrusive, sometimes even discovered by the user. An example of this was in the nightstand mode (fig. 1) where you could swipe up/down anywhere on the screen to adjust screen brightness. Also, in the search view (fig. 2), you could pick a random song by shaking your phone.

Screen sizes and resolutions are ever-changing, but I try to be proactive by keeping my pixels sharp and use scalable vector shapes.

Learn by doing

What started as a simple Adobe AIR application in 2009 turned into a native iOS app little over a year later. After three years, with more than 12,000 wake ups under the belt, we just couldn't find the time to maintain the app. Alarmify was my first foray into the world of mobile app design and proved to be a great learning experience.

Thank you for watching!