The Campaign

SoBe's 2011 campaign, Try Everything, encouraged users to get out there and give everything a try. The Try Everything hub was a collection of unique, bizarre and funny interactive experiences that were inspired by a particular SoBe flavor. I worked on this while at the digital agency "Firstborn". I produced the design for the experiences together with an Art Director and overseen by our Creative Director.


Some experiences had larger production costs than other, which resulted in a couple of projects with limited budget and timeframe. For the "Try Running A Marathon" experience, I used a mix of own photography, stock photos and Photoshop magic to quickly achieve the kind of stylized look we were after.

During the summer of 2011, The "Try Everything" campaign took over New experiences was added through out the summer, ending with a total of 36 digital experiences.

Listening to other people yell at a plant is confusingly entertaining.

During the 2011 Try Everything tour, SoBe invited their fans to try a staring contest with Kate Upton. For the digital campaign we decided to make use of the visitors webcam to scan their retinas and calculate if they were looking away from her eyes.

Thank you for watching!